Business Approach

Be it Sweet Angels or any other commercial initiative I design and create, none is built on the acquisition of excess money or ultimately disproportionate profit, but rather the delivery of Joy... Joy and Creation.

This means that our focus will always be on the delivery of Joy to all we deal with.

Not only staff but our suppliers, our distributors, our customers... our families, ourselves... all those whose lives brush against this small company. It has to be a natural consequence that if there are constant warm and positive outcomes; Trust, confidence, innovation and energy have to convert into creation. Creation of "things" yes... jobs, buildings, products, turnover, etc. but the cycle comes back to all our lives being more fulfilled... and this has not been gained through mercenary greed expressed as profit. No, rather any profit created now merely becomes an instrument of further growth… which is creation - This has no other option but to simply happen.

And so our strength and relationship with you is built… as you enjoy a fudge experience that can be found nowhere else.