Our current range of delicious Flavours

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Chilli combined with the full rich taste of handmade fudge. Like deep love, it's the aftertaste that keeps you coming back for more! Definitely exquisite pleasure and beautiful pain. For adults only!


Pure & original pleasure... no apologies made. This is without shame the most seductive of flavours. Hints of smooth ice cream with the tang of granadilla beautifully pillowed in perfect textured fudge.


An unexpected surprise of smooth butterscotch and full fudge flavours... almost belonging to each other... as beautiful as childhood sweethearts.

Dark Chocolate & Orange

Unmatched! Combining the rich satisfaction of dark chocolate folded with homemade orange marmalade reduction ushering the fragrance of orange blooms. It almost whispers... "I am sooo ready".

Persian Rose

Organic rose petal sap (From Iraq) delicately fused with rich white fudge. Tasting unusual but wonderfully pleasant at first... after having enjoyed initial oral pleasure, draw air over your tongue to discover the wonder filled deep kissing scent of roses.


An explosion of excitation... from the first moment of lemon scent... then contact. You'll just ask: "This is going to be one wild ride - should I really be doing this?!" Of our most dramatic fudges!

Ginger & Pecan

True ginger spice in subtle measure combined with hand selected organic Pecan nuts. A discerning and relaxed pleasure. Soft touch along full perfect form.

Honey & Sesame

A combination of the original sweetness with the tender support of sesame. Seems to lovingly suggest more than you ever believed you deserved.

Choc Mint

Chocolate & Mint always seems to be the perfect way to end any fantastic experience. Like being utterly fulfilled and then just holding hands in complete submission and wonder-filled serenity.

Kentucky Julep

The racy combination of Bourbon, lemon and mint. A derivative of the most famous Julep enjoyed at the Kentucky Derby. A deceptive little threesome. But oh what pleasure amplified...

Brandy Custard

Mature lovers... Warm brandy and warm custard. No rush, just intense union and bliss. Heady solace, warm comfort and welcome invitation.

Custard & Apricot

Familiar delight... with an edge. The rediscovery of your first pleasing experience. Smooth full custard pleasure ripped gently by the twist of apricot. Sleepy gratification... lay back and enjoy.

Angel Kiss

As it says. The promise of loving salvation - as the Angel who visits in dreams grants the most heavenly of kisses but whose face is never revealed gentle musk, cream and truthful rose pink

Lavender & Lemon

Fragrant lavender controlled and gently held by lemon. First the crisp excitement of lemon... soon encouraged by the rise of sweet lavender; which carries on your breath as would the perfect kiss

Creamy Peach

Smooth peaches and cream... a perfect complexion of innocence with eyes closed... back arched to reveal the silken taste of the most perfect ucipital mapilary... "Kiss me right here" You hear whispered.


A fresh dreamy Island romp just what you needed... the quench of desire... an alive tongue and wet lips. Be in heaven... Be in paradise.

Cherry & Almond

A cause for celebration... Hand crafted cherry preserve folded into creamed fudge and bountiful slivers of almond.. a celebration of Love - A celebration of Love

Fig & Almond

Oh yeah... back to nature. Fresh, clean and so tempting... the balance of fig and almond so very natural in full forbidden discovery... And the fig leaf lost...


The re combination of full masculine coffee and feminine tender cream as familiar as long lost lovers meeting again knowing, trusting and forever secret fulfilling, refreshing and something so special shared never, never forgotten.

Choc Chilli

Dark and hot the iniquity of chocolate entwined with that of chilli a hot fling with endorphine Itís quick; itís inappropriate but so so good. Be left with the tingle of wrong doing but the thrill of having finally done it just donít get caught.

Candy Floss

Innocent joy the combination of strawberry, viola and berry. Plunge into fluffy clouds of consoling pleasure. Revel, frolic, tickle and giggle Itís all yours

Cashew & Salt

Your first salted fudge. A most unexpected surprise! This is one question: "Have you ever ?" That you cannot say "yes" to. Creamy fudge and a gentle awakening of smooth cashew nuts. Sweet and salt pushing hard against each other. Well I never that feels good. Push some more!

Strawberry & Black Pepper

Sweet strawberry innocence in submission to full but teasing freshly ground black pepper. Nothing too forceful... just smooth and deliberate sensuality. An angel in black lacey foundation garments What just happened?

Marula, Youngberry & Macadamia

Wild fruit with wild intent, Dark berries scaterred as impure thoughts all with an arched back laying on silken macadamia "Where are you now? I ache for your pleasure, I ache for your full taste Come home Baby All is forgiven".

Flavour Development

As in Life and Love, we will continue to develop new and exciting flavours on this blessed journey of discovery... new exciting pleasures. There is no predictable ritual to this process... its inspiration, sensitivity, feel and communion... strangely, exactly the essentials to any beautiful and truth filled intimacy.

My purpose is to usher pleasure and Joy into your life.