Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths Online Returns Policy



As we seek to create products of impeccable quality and sophistication, our prime concern is not only your satisfaction but more so, your absolute delight. Our goodwill in resolving all issues is assured.


We will always aim to be within the bounds of Consumer Protection Act, No. 68 of 2008 ("CPA") and how it affects your rights as a customer/consumer. Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths will comply with the requirements of the CPA in relation to exchanges, returns and credits.


Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths will provide warranties, undertakings and assurances as laid out in the CPA for our Products and/or Services as they affect our customers and their rights; but subject to the constraints/limits/exclusions as laid out in the CPA. Foodstuffs, beverages and everyday goods are apparently not accommodated for refunds or returns; neither are custom or bespoke goods.


Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths will always seek to maintain our excellent customer relations and impeccable product standard.


Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths products/services include all that we directly produce/offer (“The Product/s”) in/from our kitchen/s. We do not include or cover outsourced ingredients or third party manufactured items in the discussion of this document. 


If you’re looking to return or exchange your order or any component thereof; due to dissatisfaction, we're here to help!

You can return and exchange your order for store credit or replacement product if:


  • Something is defective with the The Product/s supplied;

  • An order of The Product/s was incorrectly supplied;

  • Only the order’s defective component will be considered in isolation and not the original order;

  • Due to the low-price value of units, exchange or store credits are seen as reasonable solutions.


Risk for dispatched parcels is assumed by the purchaser from “Factory Gate”. Courier insurance is available and encouraged, at the time of order placement.


Please email us on hello@sweetangels.co.za immediately if you wish to report any quality issue or dissatisfaction with items supplied. An accompanying digital photograph of the damage/defect, etc. will be of great assistance. We also have our Helpline available for more urgent queries.


  • We will only consider store credits or exchanges registered within (7) days of the customer receiving their order and formal dissatisfaction communicated to our Head Office;

  • Product/s must have original labels and be returned in/with packaging;

  • Use your order email address and order ID/invoice number as reference;

  • Choose the products you wish to return or exchange from your order;

  • If reverse product return to us is required, print your shipping label that you will receive by email from us;

  • Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths will arrange courier upliftment;

  • Send all items back to us using the label/waybill provided.

Return Information

  • We will endeavor to deal with the customers return query within seven (7) days of receipt of formal communication; 

  • The replacement product or store credit option will remain valid for three (3) month’s after resolution decision;

  • Where a Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths error has been the cause of an issue, we will consider bearing order retrieval costs; 

  • Lost or damaged returns should be covered by our transport insurance.


The following exchange policy applies to all Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths The Product/s:


The Product/s may only be exchanged under the following circumstances:


  • Should the The Product/s still be within the possession of Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths prior to delivery to the customer;

  • In the event that the customer wishes to make any amendment(s) to a (Especially a custom/large) order already placed. This provision especially applies to bespoke product specifications ordered through Head Office. In this regard, the customer must notify Head Office at least 14 (fourteen) working days prior to commencement of production date. Ingredients that have been bought and that cannot be used in the revised order will/may need to be charged for. This exchange will however, be subject to new ingredient availability and production capacity;

  • In the event that the clear pre-ordered quantities, structure, flavour, form and/or standard décor is incorrectly supplied by Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths. In this regard, the Product/s shall only be exchanged if it was ordered via formal correspondence or an online order form. And then only if the disputed specifications were properly noted but mis-read by Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths in the accepted and original formal brief/communication/quote.


The Product/s will not be refunded or exchanged if:


  • Discounted products cannot be returned or refunded;

  • If the Product/s have been exposed to heat and/or damage during/after delivery transport or when collected by the customer;

  • The Product/s have been altered or tampered with;

  • The Product/s are partially/completely consumed in any manner;

  • The Product/s were incorrectly stored by the customer after delivery or collection;

  • The Product/s are not timeously collected by the customer as per agreed appointment;

  • Where the customer did not provide an exact brief and/or image of any special request(s) when commissioning custom product design and decoration;

  • The customer acknowledges and accepts that it is their sole responsibility to check The Products and/or items at immediate time of delivery or collection. This to ensure that The Products and/or items are in good condition and not materially damaged. If there is damage or defect to The Products and/or component items, the customer shall immediately notify Sweet Angels Head Office, and report the dissatisfaction;

  • All risk affecting The Products and/or components shall pass to the customer the instant of dispatch or collection. Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths (including its respective directors, employees, agents or representatives) shall at no point be liable for any loss, costs, expenses, damages or other claims of any nature including any consequential loss, costs, expenses, damages or other claims of any nature, arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this quotation and/or other offer and any associated sale and consumption.


Slight variations in size, colour and/or look of standard décor as variations do occur and are expected due to The Products being handmade, having natural product ingredients- and normal batch variations.


Refunds and exchanges are however at Sweet Angels sole discretion and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


All our products are made with seasonal- or currently available ingredients. If perhaps you’ve ordered a flavour and we do not have the stock to fulfill your order, we will contact you to either choose a different flavour from our stock or give you a store credit for that item to use when we do have stock.


Sweet Angels/Sugarsmiths thank you for showing confidence and trust in our brand and exceptional products. As much as we do all we can to avoid mishaps, we all must accept they will occur… But it is our response to rectifying these unlikely yet sometimes real events, that will make a difference. As mentioned in the beginning of this document, we assure our customers that we will approach any product issue in absolute good faith; not seeking to disadvantage our customers in any way.


Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or observations about this policy.

Kind regards,

Craig Zimmerman.